A skilled team of in-house photographers, directors, and DPs.

Still and live action production from concepting and logistics through final delivery. Budgeting and scheduling. Talent casting and management. Project coordination and location management. Workflow tracking and asset delivery.

Over 3000 square feet of open-span studio space. 19’ ceilings. 26’ corner cyc with load-in dock. Crew and equipment includes Camera, Grip, Electric and Art department.

Integrated approach with on-set compositors and collaboration with photographers from concept to completion. Senior in-house staff of retouchers and designers.

Senior in-house post production staff.

Marcus Swanson

Owner • Photographer • DP • Director

Team member from the start

Tyler Ashlock


Team member since 2003

Paul Wegman


Team member since 2015

Pam Lauwerens

Executive Producer

Team member since 2016

Nick Ocean

Senior Producer

Team member since 2016

Karl Kuchs

Propmaker • Photo Assistant

Team member since 2014

Jillian Holmboe

Lead Creative • Senior Retoucher

Team member since 2013

Jolene Taschner

Retoucher • QC Manager

Team member since 2014

Nikki Berlin

Office Manager

Team member since 2010

The heart of Swanson Studio's work is based on inspiration—that tickle in the brain that makes you want to keep creating over and over again.

The joy in our work comes from collaboration—the creation of something greater than what could be achieved alone, and the relationships built along the way.

We choose to work and function as a team—not only because there is strength in numbers, but because it's a lot more fun.

We celebrate the process of creation—layering ideas, resources, methods and energy to produce something new and exciting.

Our vision is the way that we approach imagery—the blend of experiences and personality that goes into how we view the world around us.

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    • Luerzer's Archive 200 Best Digital Artists 2015/2016
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    • PDN Photo Annual 2015
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    • PDN/Samsung 4k Filmmaking Challenge 2015
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    • Graphis Photography Annual 2015
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