Warrior Dash 2012. Watch the go-pro video!

24 Sep 12

It’s September. It’s year two. It’s WARRIOR DASH 2012!!!!!!

Team Swanson! From back left: Brian Tobin, Ben Adams, Matt Minjares, Marcus Swanson, Kennett Mohrman Tyler Ashlock. Front left: Kate McClenahan, McKenna Johnson, Allison Castelli, Nikki Berlin.

The Warrior Dash is a 3-mile hellish run with 12 obstacles to go through including: jumping over fire, crossing muddy waters, army crawling through and barbed wire, and a whole lot more.

Nothing Swanson Studio can’t handle!

We brought the go-pro to document every hard-earned step to glory. This is the 53 minute video condensed into 4:07 (In other words, the length of the song, “eye of the tiger”) Here’s the video!