The Science Behind Wardrobe Styling

01 Apr 13

Meet Katie Simon. Katie has been featured on our blog before, but this time she is featured for what she loves best… wardrobe styling. Katie was on-set last week for a top secret motion shoot.

We were able to sneak a portrait of Katie, get a shot of her weaponry and ask her a few hard hitting questions. There are key essentials that Katie always has on-set with her: body oil, brushes, q-tips, deodorant and of course, a fanny pack to hold all her tools! Models and wardrobe don’t just show up looking pretty (or smelling good) they need that Katie touch to get them there!

Swanson Studio: How did you fall into styling from being a producer?  Katie Simon: I went to PNCA and have a BFA in Photography. After graduation I started interning and assisting photographers. From there I learned about Producers and Stylists. For different reasons, I gravitated toward both roles. Being both organized and creative allows me to jump effortlessly between the roles. 

SS: What is your favorite part about styling.  KS: Finding great pieces, diamonds in the rough. It is also really awesome when a look comes together, clothing can transform. Getting to work with some of the best talent in the business is great too.

SS: What are some etiquette tips as a stylist you must abide by on-set?  KS: There is a lot of things you should know when stepping onto the set of a photoshoot . Knowing the best place to stand (usually, but not always, next to or behind the photographer) that allows you to really see what is on camera. Know when to step in and make adjustments. Also, knowing when to listen to client/photographer and when to make suggestions/calls. 

SS: How about some advice to someone looking to get into styling?  KS: Assist. Assist. Assist. Every stylist has a different approach and different tricks. Also, show respect to your fellow stylists. 

SS: What are some major no-no’s when it comes to wardrobe styling?  KS: Not having enough options tends to be a big no-no. Lots to choose from is key. Also, it never fails, if you pack something up you are going to need it. So best to keep everything accessible. 

SS: Have you ever had to squeeze talent into wardrobe that is too small?  KS: Often times models have to squeeze into sample size shoes but too small of clothing almost never works. Fit is important. 

SS: What is your most embarrassing styling moment?  KS: Getting hit on by talent. (cough, cough… Lebron!) I turn bright red!

SS: What is your advice to models showing up on-set?  KS: Models should always bring a variety of undergarments with them, and if asked to bring their own clothing they can never bring too much.