The Science Behind Shoe Styling

27 Mar 13

Don’t get us wrong, we know to design and produce a shoe from start to finish is ridiculous: long hours, attention to minute details, meticulous thinking, etc. But, when it comes to making the shoe look fancy in an ad, that is where a shoe stylist comes in.

Today we got a phone call from Michele telling us that she would come back to the studio to de-style a shoe. First of all, Michele, no, you don’t have to come in on your day off! Yes, what you left us was a beast of a de-styling job, but of course we would love to instead torture ourselves by pulling out the 60 seemingly invisible pins from the shoe. McKenna decided to stab her herself, ahem, take a stab at pulling the shoe apart. Below is the hard evidence that was left at the scene of the crime.

To give you a clearer idea of the materials used in styling this particular shoe, we’re talking 60 pins, 1 metal plate, 8 screws, several plastic panels, wood sticks, tissue, and a claw. The crazy part is that these were just the raw materials used to get the shoe looking photo-ready — we haven’t even begun to talk about the photography part!

At the very end of a shoe de-style we do something called “the hand test.” If you can insert your hand into the shoe confidently and not get stabbed by an invisible pin, then you can send the shoe back to wherever it came from. If you do get pricked, well then, your job isn’t over just yet.