Rain or Rain

14 Feb 16

The rain never stops us. After all, we do live in the Pacific Northwest. That’s when the magic happens – quote, unquote. That’s also when we bust out the umbrellas unlike most Oregonians. We have some precious equipment being diligently guarded by garbage-bag wielding ACs.

While this year has been unseasonably dry, there have been a few serendipitous moments where the rain came exactly when we hoped. Whether capturing it at 1500 frames per second or 8, we love it. Or I guess we wouldn’t live here.

We may be chilled to the bone. Keeping warm under Pendleton blankets and in the comfort of an Astro van turned DIT station. We share hand warmers (although some hoard them in their socks, ahem Brit) and sometimes gloves. We do it together and love every second. Is it bad that we’re secretly happy for the return of liquid sunshine? A beautiful picture it does make.