North Face Field Trip

04 Apr 13

Today Tyler and I ventured out in the rain (imagine that) to check out Tyler’s latest work displayed in the window of the North Face store in Portland. The Venture Jacket is North Face’s latest styles of rain jackets. We worked with Photo Craft on this project, and we are excited to see it in stores!

According to The North Face, this jacket is engineered to withstand severe rainstorms. We all know Portland can never have enough rain jackets or rainstorms for that matter. I am still waiting for someone to come up with a jacket that turns rain droplets into sunshine.

Swanson Studio: Tyler, tell us about this shoot? Tyler Ashlock: This was my first time working on a North Face shoot. The objective was to shoot this rain shell, in a wet environment capturing close detail of the droplets bouncing and slipping off the jacket.

SS: What is the most challenging part about shooting rain droplets? TA: Keeping the jacket styled and looking beautiful while throwing heavy water at it. Also, getting the right splashes off the shoulders. We had to figure out the speed of the water and type of droplets.

SS: What was your favorite part about this shoot? TA: Working with water is always fun and getting to build a rain machine was cool.

SS: How many images did you take to get this one final image? TA: All in all hundreds but the final image is a composite of a little over 25 shots.