Nike Free Trainer 5.0

18 Mar 13

Hey look!

New shoes (that we shot) out in the world!

The Nike Free Trainer 5.0 just came out and we are happy to say Swanson Studio photographed them!

Huge shout-out to all that were a part of this from our end of the spectrum — we’re looking at you Justin Gober and Darien Birks.

We would also like to mention that the folks over at Happy Finish in London did the final retouching on this image.

Here’s what Nike says about the design of the shoe:

“Designers Laura Parrett and Jeff Rasmussen took inspiration from the Chinese finger trap device. Like the toy, the upper consists of intertwined bands that are soft and pliable. When the foot is at rest or moving forward or backward the bands are flexible and compliant. When pressure is applied with side-to-side movements the bands engage and tighten around the foot for enhanced support.”

We are in the process of combing through our clients’ webpages to see if any more of our work is popping up. We’ll keep you posted, but until then, get back to work!