Jimmy Jib and Talon Head

23 Jan 14

While this could be a really cool band name, it may just end up being great marketing for one of the tools used to capture live action.

Tim Jankowski dropped by Swanson Studio this week and let us test drive his Jimmy Jib camera crane and Talon head - mounted with a custom Mitchell Mount adapter. Yes, this all sounds very technical, but if you focus on the basics it becomes a lot easier. One of the first questions might be - do you drive like a pilot or a gamer? This difference can send the camera flying or into an unintended nose dive.

After some intellectual discussion on technical specs, there may or may not have been some Beastie Boys lip syncing, 49er/Seahawks post-game reenactment and some RED Epic camera stalking. Thank you to Tim Jankowski and here you can find out more about the Jimmy Jib and Talon Head.