Castrol Rocket

16 Sep 13

Most little boys build houses out of lincoln logs or fashion forts made out of branches and sheets.  We picture Mark Markstaller building a space shuttle out of his dads old car parts at the age of 8 for his school show and tell.

Mark is the designer of the Triumph powered Castrol Rocket we recently shot before it went off to Bonneville Salt Flats in attempt to set a record for the world’s top land-speed in the Division 3, Type V, “streamlined motorcycle” category for motorcycles up to 3,000 cc.   The rocket is an aerodynamic Kevlar-skinned body that sits 2 feet wide, 3 feet tall and 25 feet long and would need to go up to at least 376.363 mph in order to break the current record. Triumph’s last world record was set in 1970.

Powered by twin turbo-charged Triumph Rocket 3 engines and specially souped by designer Carpenter Racing, burning methanol and operated by veteran motorcycle racer Jason DiSalvo, it went, but inclement weather didn’t permit the actual attempt.

We had the opportunity photograph and put together a beautiful motion piece in the days the rocket was in Portland.  A huge thank you to creative director Thad Jackson, director Matt Sanders, and designer Andy Alvarez at Triumph for allowing us to participate in such an exciting opportunity.

Getting the rocket to Portland and finding a location with lighting and equipment large enough to film the rocket was no easy feat. But in the end we are very proud of how the images and video turned out. Brian and Ben did an amazing job retouching. You could almost say we are more excited than an 8 year old boy at show and tell to share them with you.