Best of: Sean Reynolds Edition

21 Nov 13

Sean Reynolds has been making magic here at Swanson Studio since 1997. Since then the studio has gone from one man and his vision (Marcus, of course) to a triad of photographers with Sean’s style described by Marcus as “pure craft.” In honor of Sean’s birthday, here is a small selection of staff favorites out of his body of work.

One piece that has never seen the light of day is a test using a golf club, golf balls and lots of paint. It was an experiment on what would come from dipping a club and ball in paint and teeing off. The images ended up beautiful and anyone that knows anything about me knows I love explosions. 
Tyler Ashlock (Photographer)

Sean’s 20/2 rowing image from last year is a favorite because the image effects were created in capture. From what I remember, Sean was shooting from a boat and trying to deal with the water movements, which resulted in an image that was different and better than he envisioned. It required almost no retouching at all, which of course always makes me happy too.
Ben Adams (Master Retoucher)

The Nelscott surfing image from 20/2 2010 beautifully portrays the passion of sport. It captured what seemed like a really organic moment – and of course any excuse for us to go to the beach is welcomed. 
Nikki Berlin (Bookkeeper, Office Manager, Underwater Coach, etc.)

A series of images that I love and know are near Sean’s heart is the kids underwater. Recently we were looking at these images and he mentioned how it was inspired by watching kids, including his own, and seeing pure joy when they were in and around the water.
Miko Cowan (Marketing)