Adidas Boost. Boost Your Run.

18 Feb 13

It’s always exciting to see our imagery out and about in the world.

Adidas boost. Crew involved: Marcus Swanson, Eric Vellozzi from Adidas, Dave Ewald from Fiction, Brian Tobin, and Ben Adams both Swanson Studio retouchers.

Sometimes we are so focused on getting the imagery produced, shot and retouched (especially when we have a tight deadline) that we sometimes forget to keep an eye out for it when it gets published. Just the other day, we were cruising around our clients’ webpages when we found out that Adidas had released the Boost imagery! It was a nice surprise and it wasn’t really hard to miss–seeing that it is the header on the Adidas website as of right now.

Almost everyone at the studio participated with the Boost job because there were a lot of different angles and conceptual ideas to it.  Sean, Tyler and Marcus were all photographers for Adidas Boost, which is pretty cool that they were all involved.

Spikes & Heels, a fitness blog dedicated to the “badass women” out there (hey that’s pretty sweet!), wrote a reviewon the women’s boost shoe. The author went to the Boost presentation in New York, and got to try on a pair of these so talked about shoes.  She writes about how comfortable they are, and who might benefit the most from them.

 Hypebeast also did a post on the shoe calling out the advancements in this new technology and what it means in this competitive shoe market.

The shoe isn’t released until February 27th, but you can pre-order the men’s here and women’s here if you are already sold!