20/2: TRACK & FIELD (6)

21 Dec 12

Remember when it didn’t get dark until 9:00 at night during the summer? Remember staying out late, without a sweater, and still enjoy some rays of sunshine instead of the 4:30pm light sucker that happens every day now in the winter? Sorry to bring it up.

Well, this shoot was during late summer, early fall, and nighttime didn’t start until 8:00pm. Many of our 20/2 shoots were shot on location going into the night, and this was one of them! Sean’s Track & Field shoot went right on past midnight, and you’ll see how well worth that time was if you watch the video.

The idea for the shoot came when Sean was watching the London Olympics this past summer, hoping to get inspired for a conceptual sport shoot.  So many times we are drawn to the running events, the swimming, the games, but while watching the throwing events such as discus shot put and hammer throw,  Sean realized how this could be the sport to photograph.

Each one of their moves was contained in a such a small space followed by large release at the end, usually skyrocketing out into the field. The power behind each move was determined by the preparation and timing of the release, and Sean didn’t see a better fit for  stroboscopic photography.

Sean was shooting straight down onto the talent at the Concordia Throwing Center, and you could tell things were going well when you could hear Sean getting so excited! He was up on a large scaffolding, and you could still see that he was having a great time.

On another note, we are all heading out for the holidays, and won’t be around for about a week! So while we’re on break take a look around  for all our other blog postings.

See you January 2nd! Have a great holiday and a happy new year!