20/2: ROWING (12)

22 Jan 13

Welcome to the fastest shoot produced.

8:00 AM  ”Let’s do the shoot today!”

3:00 PM Sean and crew are out on the boat shooting

5:00 PM wrapped. 

20/2 works out that way sometimes. When you have a day when there are no shoots in the studio, it’s not raining, and everyone is available,  sometimes you just have to get out and do it. That isn’t to say that this wasn’t thought out–For years Sean has always been very interested in shooting this sport, with a high caliber athlete. All we were waiting for was a beautiful overcast day that we know Oregon has the means to do.

This spontaneous and on-the-fly 20/2 shoot was focused on capturing the sport of rowing in such a challenging way. On the water, from a boat and keeping up with the stroke of the rower! Luck would have it that Spencer Crim, a competitive rower for Lake Oswego Rowing Community, was more than game for the shoot. He was practically olympian in his movements on the river, which really helped the shoot move along. Kennett and Sheldon were in the boat together with Sean, with the RED camera no doubt! Don’t worry- it didn’t get wet. At least this time it didn’t.

That being said, most of the behind the scenes footage was shot on the RED…in a fast moving boat…..on a large body of water.