20/2: REFLECTION (13)

23 Jan 13

Here we go… Back to September and beautiful weather! This is REFLECTION, Marcus’s pool shoot, for which he wanted to shoot two very different concepts. First, he really wanted to capture the essence of light reflecting through the water with a female talent wearing very bright colors. And second, he wanted to shoot something completely opposite: Nikki‘s friend Dan bellyflopping into the pool! I mean, opposites still attract, right?

The answer is yes.
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The two very different ideas made Marcus’s shoot a blast to be a part of. REFLECTION was so cool because we were able to see what everyone underwater sees: beautiful light streaming through the rippling waves, and then as a juxtaposition — bellyflopping!

P.S. Doing that once is hard (and usually forces you out of the pool for a good half hour), so just imagine doing that over and over again. When it comes to MVT (Most Valuable Talent) the award goes to Dan, hands (and bellies) down.

Whenever the studio gets together to do a collaborative shoot like this it’s always a marvel to see: picture our stylist Michele Yurick swimming around and pinning clothes on talent plus all three photographers and assistants together in the pool. It’s a sight. You need to stand on top of a ladder if you even want to see it all (which Marcus did by the way).

Want more underwater action? Check out the behind-the-scenes video from Sean’s pool shoot: KIDS.