20/2: PARACHUTE (14)

25 Jan 13

Years ago one of our shoots called for a parachute, and ever since then it’s been crumpled in storage, collecting dust (and who knows what else).  When it’s on the ground tucked away it looks like a defeated rag of sorts. And trust us,  you really don’t want to go near it. Actually, we advise you not to.

Put it in water however and it morphs into a one-of-a-kind piece of apparel.

20/2: PARACHUTE (14) from Swanson Studio on Vimeo.

Following Sean’s KIDS and Marcus’s REFLECTION, Tyler’s PARACHUTE shoot is the last of the behind-the-scenes pool videos we are posting for 20/2 Volume Three. What a way to end the series too!

We could tell you all about the shoot: how Tyler worked through his ideas by trying on the “dress” himself; how our stylists Michele and Eden stiched the fabric into a form; we could even share stories about our talent’s surfing life…

But you should really just watch the video. It sums it all up perfectly.