20/2: OUTREACH (15)

29 Jan 13

Outreach. It’s probably one of the single most important shoots that we do for 20/2. What it is, and why it’s so important, is that we reach out into our Portland community and find a need, and we help in a Swanson Studio photo-type-of way.

This year, we outreached into the community to find ML20, which is the Maurice Lucas Foundation. The mission of this foundation is to teach life lessons through sport, which becomes an 8-12 week after school program to various schools in the city. They teach the kids core values in the classroom for an hour, and then they carry over what they have learned in the classroom to the gym for an hour of a sport activity.

Karen Barker, Program Director of the Maurice Lucas Foundation, allowed us the time to sit in on her classroom sessions. To really understand what this program does for the students, we decided to shadow a very special girl named Patricia. Like many kids in this program, she is defying many odds.

We instantly adored Patricia!  She has such great energy surrounding her. We were very happy to have spent as much time as we did with Patricia–her story is so inspiring, and really motivated us to do the best job that we could do. That job, and our outreach,  turned into us shooting three photos that Patricia could have, the organization could use, and even for the Blazers to maybe project on the jumbotron (cross your fingers, we are waiting to hear back!).

We wanted to make sure to capture the 3 most important places in Patricia’s life: her home life, her school life, and gym life. And during that time, not only did we get to hang out with a great organization in our community, but meet a beautiful young girl with so much aspiration.

Please, take the time to watch this special ML20 behind the scenes video. The final image from this shoot will be released on Friday. We are very excited to share it with you!