20/2: Exhibition

28 Jan 13

Have you ever felt the calm before the storm? We’re feeling it here at the studio as we prepare for the massive 20/2 storm that is about to roll in. We’re excited and anxious as we brace ourselves for all the work that needs to be done within the next few days, but any nerves we have are calmed by knowing, at the very least, we’ll be stocked with enough beer and waffles to ride out the squall.

This year the 20/2 Exhibition also marks the end(ish) of a gigantic remodel, so in addition to tons of new images and videos, we have a new space — and a lot of hard work — that we we want to show off. The big reveal is just four days away, but we’ve put so much energy into this project we couldn’t resist sharing the invite. We’re hoping to see everyone there, but for those who can’t make it do us a favor: Cross your fingers we’re still standing on Monday?