20/2 BTS: Walls of Water

20 Sep 13

To kick off 20/2, 2013, we decided to jump right into with one of the most logistically complicated and technical shoots on the roster. Go big or go home, right?

Photographer Sean Reynolds loves shooting water and is always trying to find different ways to capture it, and thus the concept of “The Watercube” was born. The pool set took nearly two full days to build, while 1st Camera Assistant Matt Little and the team simultaneously rigged the water cube features from pulleys on the rafters. It took lots of trial and error to get the four 1 HP pumps, pumping an impressive 50-60 cubic feet of water a minute, to maintain a consistent wall of water. To achieve a super smooth, clean sheet of water, the team invoked the MacGuyver-like skills of fellow photographer Tyler Ashlock, who helped manufacture a lip out of PVC scraps to guide the water over the edge of the cube.

Sean’s vision of the project was to feature sports that involved some sort of forward extension, from the lunge of a fencer with her sword to the swoop of a hockey player’s stick, to dynamically interact with the wall of water. The talent on set was a dream to work with, and videographer Brit Phelan had fun directing their action for the scenes she shot on the RED, to realize her vision for the final motion piece.

While you need to wait until the opening of the 20/2 show to see the final photos and video, take a look at the behind the scenes video we shot that day to see how much fun the team had on this very exciting, very wet project.