20/2 BTS: Surf + Sand

06 Mar 16

This year 20/2 travels have taken us from the mountains to the beach and everywhere in between. Each concept focused on what we love, sport. As mentioned here, we packed our day at the beach with not one but two shoots. Two shoots that were almost opposite in concept. One based on team, the other on the power of one. One with a fashion influence, the other with the removal of all accessories including training equipment. This was one of two collaborative pieces with Technical/Art Director, Erin Cowan, who did a lot more than demonstrate his one-handed push-up technique. Don’t let the sweat and sand fool you, it was more fun than work.

And for those of you who may have missed our initial 20/2 post, 20/2 is the story of how we fuel our inspiration. 20 shoots in 2 months celebrated in stills and motion. It is how we stretch creatively and how we grow. Each concept develops collaboratively within the studio and this year we pushed our boundaries than ever before. This year’s curation is drawn from over 44k raw captures and almost 35 hours of raw footage. This is the year of Sport in Motion, every shoot captured in stills and motion.