20/2 BTS Spring Training

07 Mar 16

The roar of the crowd in a packed stadium. Peanuts crunching against concrete. Hotdogs and a cold beer. This is spring to a fan. But what is fall to a baseball player?

For this 20/2 shoot, our photographers, Sean Reynolds and Tyler Ashlock sought to capture the essence of training. The countless hours of practice, beads of sweat, balls hit, ropes jumped and weights lifted all before stepping onto the field…or up to the plate.

We made a few calls to find someone who exemplified that passion for the sport and we found coach Joe Taylor. When Joe moved from Seattle to Portland it was love for the game that propelled him to establish The Portland Baseball Club. With a mission to inform, instruct and inspire, PBC is a place where anyone and everyone can come to foster their talent and develop their skill.

Joe recruited two fellow PBC teammates, brothers Jesse and Cody Gibson, and allowed us to experience an intimate look at a day in the life of training.

Sliding into home on a Dana Dolly, our photographers Sean and Tyler embodied the spirit of the player as they collaborated on this simultaneous motion and still shoot. What resulted was a grand slam.

No strikes were made in the making of this 20/2 piece. Not one.

Stills – Sean Reynolds
Motion – Tyler Ashlock
1st Assistant Camera – Brandon Bondehagen
Photo Assistant – Terra Rothman
DIT – Chris Hackett
Behind-the-scenes – Marisa Rowland
Producer – Merritt Davies
Producer – Lindsey Lynch
Production Assistant – Brad Norton
Stylist – Allison Schmid
Talent – Joe Taylor, Jesse Gibson, Cody Gibson

And for those of you who may have missed our initial 20/2 post, 20/2 is the story of how we fuel our inspiration. 20 shoots in 2 months celebrated in stills and motion. It is how we stretch creatively and how we grow. Each concept develops collaboratively within the studio and this year we pushed our boundaries than ever before. This year’s curation is drawn from over 44k raw captures and almost 35 hours of raw footage. This is the year of Sport in Motion, every shoot captured in stills and motion.