20/2 BTS: Global Foosball

04 Mar 16

We hear a lot about global football (aka soccer as some of us call it), but what about global foosball? That would be a recreational activity elevated to spectator sport status. Between the Timbers Army and the Seahawks’ 12th Man, the Pacific Northwest knows a little something about about how passionate fans can be. So recreating in the studio shouldn’t be a problem, right?

This 20/2 shoot required some heavy recruitment of participants willing to cause a raucous for an evening. Finding some amazing talent through the Portland Foosball forum, as well as some of our own friends and acquaintances we set out to get rowdy. So rowdy in fact that the fire department stopped by at one point. Don’t worry though, false alarm. There was some screaming, playing, streamer-throwing and beer drinking. Photo Assistant Terra Rothman used past serving expertise to make sure everyone stayed refreshed and makeup stylist Kathleen Chetlain used her talents to paint faces and bellies. Our own Nikki Berlin was in the bleachers making some noise. Until the final piece is unveiled, please check out some outtakes from the evening.