20/2: BODYBUILDER (20)

01 Feb 13

There are a lot of creative art forms out there:  Dance, painting, photography, sketching, animating, designing, and illustrating to name a few. Those are what typically come to mind. But crafting your body into a piece of art? Now that’s work.

Andre and KeriAnn, two amazing body builders,  were prime examples of the payoff from what all that hard work means. Their eating habits and workout regimen made my 30 minutes a day, 4-5 times a week a walk in the park for them. Not to mention that I couldn’t go without chocolate for months…..

These two were dedicated into making their bodies into a pillar of strength, and Marcus Swanson was captivated by it. He decided to shoot these two in an elemental sense: classic portrait lighting that would capture their bodies in a simple, yet beautiful way. Their bodies don’t need much prepping; just a little oil from the wonderful miss Katherine Ross, and Marcus was ready to click that camera.  Their flexing and stretching was amazing: All you had to do was capture it in camera–which definitely happened.