20/2 2013

18 Sep 13

What do cheetahs, chariots, chiffon and crashing waves have in common, aside from some astounding alliteration? These are just a few of the featured 20/2 shoots we’ll be bringing to you this year. 20 projects. 2 months. Yes, it’s that time of year again!

20/2 2013 marks the fourth year of our studios’ two months of 20 incredibly creative and exciting shoots, and this year we’re upping the ante by pulling a few new tricks out of our hat.

To start, each shoot will have a still and motion component.  This means we’ll have not only 20 prints but also 20 motion pieces by our talented motion team to showcase.  We are also super excited about using the phantom camera for two of our motion pieces, a first for the studio.

In the coming weeks we’ll be posting behind the scenes teaser videos of each shoot to get you as excited as we are for the unveiling of all the 20/2 work at the annual party in March.

In the meantime, here are a couple of our favorites from last year. Enjoy!